Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Protection - Every Bride & Groom Should Consider It.

Your wedding day is one of, if not the most, important days in your life.  It's something you've dreamed about and some have even planned from a very young age.  From the your dress, shoes, and jewelry to the flowers, lighting, and bridesmaids; your dreams and vision are about to become a reality.  You are planning a wedding and a life after with the one you love!

The process is in full swing.  You've set the date with the Reception Venue and put down a deposit to reserve it.  You've booked your Professional Planner, Photographer, Videographer, DJ and/or Band, Florist, and even set a meeting with the Bridal Salon for the fitting.  You have also placed deposits down on each one of the professionals you've hired.  Your wedding is 18 months away and you are all set.  Or, at least you think... 

Now, in all the beauty, glamour, and happily ever after you are not thinking about what will or could lie ahead.  What if the Hall closed down the month before your wedding and you have paid half of the total due?  What if 6 weeks prior to wedding, the Bridal Salon closes down without notice? The fact is, most people do not have the funds to just shell out another deposit and possibly more due to time restraints.  Typcially, brides and grooms have set a budget and will use every dollar and more often exceed their budget. 

The average price and investment for a wedding in the U.S. has risen to around *$27,000.  Let's say your deposits for vendors and venue are in the area of 20% of the $27,000 total.  You have then laid out $5400 with no guarantee that the business will still operate 18 months down the road.  We are not saying it will or is going to happen on your day.  All we are saying is that it has happened and the possibility is always there.

For as little as $160 you can insure and protect your wedding from unforseen events.  From sickness causing postponed weddings to damaged gifts, lost rings and deposits; we can tailor a policy to cover your day at an affordable price.  We can even add limits of liability (required by many venues) and liquor liability to every policy to protect you in the event that guest causes damage to property, injures themselves, or liability from alcohol related incidents. 

We can cover your wedding in as short as 14 days prior to the day and there are no current claims...

You can't predict the future, but you can protect yourself financially!  Call Liberty Insurance Services today for an instant quote and policy issue. 

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*Source: Condé Nast Bridal Media
- American Wedding Study, 2006.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Liberty's Expanding Product Line. BONDING

We are always looking to expand our products and services for our current and future clients.  We research and negotiate only with top rated insurance and financial companies by AM Best.  This is why were are very excited to introduce a few of our latest additions to a fast growing insurance product base through CNA Surety and 16 additional major bonding companies. 

In recent months we have seen a increasing need of brokerage firms that offer Bonding to their customers.  Bonding is a unique line of business that, from our experience, is a somewhat feared product line in our field.  It is often required by an Obligee (party who is requesting service to be performed) to enter into a contract.  It is very unique in the way it is underwritten, as well as the terms the bond guarantees and is often commingled with insurance, but is better understood as a line of credit.  We refer to it as a line of credit due to the nature of claims and losses.  If a claim was deemed valid by the Surety (3rd party, often an insurance company which provides the financial guarantee), the Principal (party who agrees to perform a service or meet obligations) would be financially responsible to pay for all losses, including legal fees, back to the Surety.  This is much different than a typical insurance claim which does not require indemnity to the insuring company for losses paid.

Now you ask: "Why do I need bonding if I am financially responsible for payment claims?"
The Answer: Without Bonding, the Principal (party who agrees to perform a service or meet obligations) will need to show proof that they are financially able to post the dollar amount required of the bond limit.  If you are entering a contract with a required bonding limit of $1,000,000; that cash or credit will be tied up for the period or satisfactory completion of the contract.  Bonding will free up that capital with a down payment as low as 1%.

There are 3 major bonding categories that we can provide for: Commercial, Contract, and Court.  Each of the categories has multiple subcategories and involves a guarantee of either performance, payment, or other obligations as stated.  Liberty Insurance Services now has the ability to aggressively negotiate bond terms and search for the best available rates due our association with the largest carriers. 

Quotes can typically be acquired very quickly; more often, the same business day.  We know that Your Time is Valuable.  Contact Us to find out more! 

Office: (215) 331-7382
Email: info@libertyinscorp.com

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meet Our Staff! Denise

Denise is the principal behind Liberty Insurance and initiated the venture back 2005 with a concentration on insurance coverage for difficult to place home and auto.  Within the past 2 years, she has also seen the need for honest and sincere Insurance brokers in the business & commercial sector.  

Denise brings over 19 years of experience in the insurance industry and initially started out as a Customer Service Representative at Prudential Insurance Company.  She eventually headed out into the field with the group as an agent until her departure to venture into business with her husband and Allstate Insurance.  After years of managing the office and operations, she saw the need to cover clients that preferred carriers would not normally afford coverage.  Being an independent brokerage allowed Denise to insure clients with preferred status & hard to place coverage by searching multiple carriers for the best available pricing.  Thus came the birth of Liberty Insurance Services.

Denise attended Hatboro-Horsham High School and grew up in Horsham, Pennsylvania.  She also lived in Kobe, Japan for 3 1/2 years where her father was transferred for his career.  Denise currently lives in Horsham, Pennsylvania with her husband, Dave, of 22 years.  She is an avid golfer, tennis player, and enjoys photography and the company of friends and family.  She is one of the most honest people you will come in contact with...
Phone: (215) 356-9218
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Our Staff! Mark

We had promised a little more individual info about our crew at Liberty Insurance Services and wanted to hold true to our word.  
Mark teamed up with Liberty Insurance within the last year.  Two years prior to his partnering with Liberty, Mark owned an insurance brokerage with concentrations in Life, Health, & Annuities.  He felt the need to expand his business and product line for his customers and client base and dove into the Property & Casualty side of the business.  

Prior to being in the insurance business, Mark held multiple positions and careers in a variety of different fields.  Those fields included contracting, research & development, engineering, and still performs as a prominent DJ in the entertainment industry.  He has found something he truly enjoys and made his last career stop; the insurance and financial industry.

Mark is avid Philadelphia Sports Fan and is a frequent golfer.  He grew up in the Northeast section of Philadelphia and attended Archbishop Ryan High School.  He is married to his wife of 9 years, Heather, with 2 boys, Cavan 8 and Ashton 7 and lives in the town of Skippack located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Phone: (267) 446-3910

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7805 Frankford Ave., 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19136
Ph: (215) 331-7382 
Fx: (215) 331-7383

Check Our Next Post For Info On Denise Lewis!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Look Who's Hiring...

I know in the last blog we promised that the next post would be the bio of our people, but we do need to postpone that for the future.  On a bright note in a struggling economy, we are in search of the right person to join our team.  Read on to see if you qualify!

We are currently looking for an ambitious and self-motivated P&C licensed sales producer. This opportunity is for a self starter who is enthusiastic and career-minded and willing to invest a serious amount of time in the pursuit of unlimited economic potential. If you are goal-oriented with good communication skills, have an entrepreneurial drive, and you’re looking for a job with high earning potential, long-term stability that is recession proof, we would be interested in speaking with you.  Our agency offers a wide range of insurance products to generate income including personal auto, home and life insurance as well as commercial insurance, group benefits and bonds.

Job Description:
· Generate sales by meeting with prospective and existing clients
· Meet production and activity standards
· Generate Referrals from personal relations and existing customer base of 1600 clients
· Complete required training activities and programs
·  Learn and be able to demonstrate company sales materials
· Generate sales and referrals from leads provided
Skills & Competencies:
· Excellent sales and negotiation skills
Knowledge & Experience
· Successful and stable work history
· Basic computer skills (preferred)
· Commissioned sales experience (preferred)
· 1-2 years of sales experience (preferred)
·  Knowledge of insurance industry (preferred)
· Some college (preferred)
Minimum criteria to be considered:
· Valid Drivers License.
· High School Diploma or GED
· Local area travel
· Reliable Transportation with appropriate liability and property coverage
· You should have or be able to obtain a PA Property & Casualty License
We offer a competitive performance based compensation package:
Starting base salary with commission / renewals / yearly bonus plan.
· Dental Plan
· Vision Plan
· Health and Prescription Plan
If you feel that your skills and ability would fit our team, please respond with your resume to info@libertyinscorp.com.  Please, no phone calls about this position.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Liberty?

Since this is our first blog post, I wanted to take some time to let everyone get to know a little about who we are at Liberty Insurance.  Not only are we an insurance brokerage firm, but we are real people; people that have real personalities, values, and actually care about our clients and what is in their best interest. 
It is all too often that I see the ads for large insurance companies who utilize a direct writing system.  This type of insurance marketing and policy writing does not put the customer in contact with or utilize the service of a local agent.  Typically, you are speaking with a customer service representative at a call center somewhere in the world.  Their job is to provide you with a quote, sign you up for insurance, receive your down payment, and that is the end of the customer service rep’s duties to you.  They will not be a point of contact for questions or concerns and typically would not be of assistance with other lines of insurance (i.e. retirement, life, home, etc…). 

The question then remains: “Who do I call when I have a question, an accident, or an issue?”  If it is a direct writing company, you will be contacting a call center once again.  Most likely, it will be a stranger who knows little to nothing about you, your family, or the best way to advise you except for what they have pulled up on a computer screen from their client manager.  This brings into call another question: “How does a company advise the protection of your business, car, home, and life without knowing you intimately?”  If you ask me, this should not be the way a company conducts business. 
At Liberty Insurance we want to get to know you.  We schedule an appointment at your convenience either in your home or office, or at ours.  The foundation and belief of our firm is to develop a relationship with our client; not just on a business level, but also on a personal level.  Listening to you and what concerns you, allows us to evaluate the best way to cover and protect you.   “At LIBERTY, It Is All About You!”
Check Our Next Blog Post For A Bio On Our Staff!
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