Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Liberty?

Since this is our first blog post, I wanted to take some time to let everyone get to know a little about who we are at Liberty Insurance.  Not only are we an insurance brokerage firm, but we are real people; people that have real personalities, values, and actually care about our clients and what is in their best interest. 
It is all too often that I see the ads for large insurance companies who utilize a direct writing system.  This type of insurance marketing and policy writing does not put the customer in contact with or utilize the service of a local agent.  Typically, you are speaking with a customer service representative at a call center somewhere in the world.  Their job is to provide you with a quote, sign you up for insurance, receive your down payment, and that is the end of the customer service rep’s duties to you.  They will not be a point of contact for questions or concerns and typically would not be of assistance with other lines of insurance (i.e. retirement, life, home, etc…). 

The question then remains: “Who do I call when I have a question, an accident, or an issue?”  If it is a direct writing company, you will be contacting a call center once again.  Most likely, it will be a stranger who knows little to nothing about you, your family, or the best way to advise you except for what they have pulled up on a computer screen from their client manager.  This brings into call another question: “How does a company advise the protection of your business, car, home, and life without knowing you intimately?”  If you ask me, this should not be the way a company conducts business. 
At Liberty Insurance we want to get to know you.  We schedule an appointment at your convenience either in your home or office, or at ours.  The foundation and belief of our firm is to develop a relationship with our client; not just on a business level, but also on a personal level.  Listening to you and what concerns you, allows us to evaluate the best way to cover and protect you.   “At LIBERTY, It Is All About You!”
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